Full name

Lena Vieiro




I was born in a coastal Atlantic town called Vigo, in Galicia, Spain. I have been drawing, painting and working on projects ever since I can remember. I grew up surrounded by nature, which is a source of inspiration and a necessity for my well being. I studied art at Universidade de Belas Artes de Pontevedra were I was mainly focused on drawing and painting even though I was interested in all sorts of other fields of study as well. I spent a couple years there and I applied for a grant called Séneca that allowed me to study at Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain, and then, during my last year of university, I received another grant called Erasmus to study at the George Enescu National University of Arts, in Iași, Romania.

My biggest passion besides art and nature has always being traveling so I felt very lucky to combine all three of my passions during the years I was a student. After university I prepared myself to become a high school art teacher, studying a Pedagogical Aptitude Course (CAP), but I felt that I still had lots of things to learn and explore. I became more interested in 3D art, especially blacksmithing and ceramics, so I entered a two-year jewelry program while I was also taking ceramic classes on the side. It was around that time when I met my future husband, who is also an artist, Eric Leffler.

We stayed in Spain for a few years until we visited the USA in August 2013 and we decided to move back here, seeking new opportunities and trying to make a living making art. We first landed in Indianapolis where I was very warmly welcomed by my new family and so many dear new friends. However, we kept traveling west, and thanks to a bunch of coincidences, we ended up here, in Long Beach, CA, where we have been living since 2014.