Lena Vieiro


I was born and raised in an industrial, port town called Vigo, in the region of Galicia, in Spain. I have been drawing, painting, sculpting, and creating artistic projects ever since I can remember. I grew up surrounded by nature, which is a source of inspiration for my art and life, and a ne-cessity for my wellbeing. Even though Vigo is an industrial city, on the weekends my family would travel to my grandparents’ house in the pueblo, where there were chickens, pigs, cows, etc., and everyone used the land for growing food. My cousins and I spent countless hours run-ning around, playing in nature. My sweet memories of those bucolic weekends of childhood have informed my art subject matter and practice in many ways.
I studied art at Universidade de Belas Artes de Pontevedra where I earned a BFA in Drawing and Painting, while maintaining a strong interest in Sculpture, Printmaking, and Metalsmithing as well. While in undergrad, I received a Séneca grant that allowed me to study at Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain. During my final year of university, I received an Erasmus grant to study at the George Enescu National University of Arts, in Iași, Romania.
After university I became more interested in 3D art, especially Metalsmithing and Ceramics. I enrolled in a two-year jewelry program, and began taking ceramic classes in my hometown in Spain. I also started working at an all-women’s jewelry atelier, surrounded by strong, empow-ered female teachers and friends. It was around that time when I met an American artist living in my town, and that artist would soon become my husband. In 2013 we moved to the United States, seeking a path for ourselves to make a living as professional artists, and we eventually settled in Long Beach, CA in October 2014. We have been living happily in Long Beach ever since. I have been a member of the Collective Print Studio here in town, and I was also in the Los Angeles Printmaking Society. Currently I am an active member of Clay on 1st, a ceramic stu-dio in downtown Long Beach.
I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to study abroad during those years when I was an Art student. Those experiences, combined with the several years I have been living as an immigrant in the U.S., have fortified my sense of camaraderie and empathy for my fellow immigrants from all over the world. Those feelings and ideas, combined with my profound love of nature since childhood, are the inspiration for the subject matter in my artwork.